The Conversion Equation

Conversion Equation

Hack the User Propensity to Be Converted Introduction Stephen Hawking used to be a believer of the ‘theory of everything’ – a hypothetical all-encompassing, coherent theoretical framework that fully explains and links together all physical aspects of the universe. He recently changed his mind, but as humans we all tend to seek patterns to help […]

The 6 Principles of Influence Everyone Should Know

principles of influence

principles of influence   John Stuart Mill, a highly regarded economist, political thinker and philosopher of science, died in 1873. Apparently, Mills was the last man who knew everything there was to know in the world. Knowing everything would be impossible in today’s world, where most information is less than 15 years old. At least, […]

Prevent Anyone from Ever Saying “Above the Fold” Again

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INTRODUCTION You’ve probably heard the phrase “it should be above the fold” before. You might have heard it hundreds of times. It usually accompanies other common expressions such as “I think we should be customer-centric”. This made me wonder: what does “above the fold” actually mean from your customers’ points of view? The fold on […]

Your Google Analytics Setup Is All Wrong

Google Analytics Setup

Google Analytics Setup Checklist If you are going to integrate your tests results into Google Analytics (GA) for a plunge into segmentation, you’d better have a robust setup implementation so you don’t rely on misleading or missing data. GA is designed to be a “one size fits all”, easily deployed solution that instantly gives you […]

Why Conversion Rate Is a Bad Boy

Iron Man

Conversion rate is like this (iron) man casually walking away from a huge explosion with measured poise. Keep calm and carry on. We mistakenly believe that we’ll be able to predict performances or actions that will lead to the best outcomes by measuring and understanding conversion rates. If you work with or in a CRO […]

The 10 Conversion Optimisation Commandments

Conversion Optimization Commandments

The Fundamental Rules of Conversion Optimisation I’ve tried to list the top ten rules I tend to consult regularly. Just so I don’t stray from the holy path. Of course, there’s also a lot of advice I could give, such as ‘be goal oriented’, ‘if it’s not actionable, it doesn’t matter’ and ‘of it’s not […]

How to Tap into the Mind of Your Customers

Primitive brain, crocodile brain, Neuromarketing

Tap into the Mind of your customers Decision-Making and Neuromarketing Conversion happens in the mind of your customers. The need to avoid pain and the desire to gain pleasure are at the root of all human behaviour. Therefore, creating a relevant, unique position in the mind of your audience isn’t enough on its own. To know […]